Become a DotMusic .MUSIC-Accredited Music Community Member Organization (MCMO)

To become a DotMusic .MUSIC-Accredited Music Community Member Organization (MCMO) please refer to the MCMO Accreditation Requirements. Please complete and email the DotMusic .MUSIC-Accreditation MCMO Application Form to “community (@)”


Submit a Letter of Support to ICANN supporting DotMusic’s Community Application

If you are a music organization and would like to write a letter of support for DotMusic, please refer to the DotMusic Letter of Support Instructions for .MUSIC Community Application ID ID 1-1115-14110.

  • Ensure that the Music Community governs and runs .MUSIC
  • Supported by Music Community members representing 95% of global music
  • With music-tailored policies and safeguards to protect musicians
  • Prevent Google, Amazon and big corporations from owning .MUSIC
  • E-sign in a few seconds
  • Every e-signature matters