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Premium Channels


DotMusic is the only .music applicant that will incorporate Premium Channels to increase music discovery and opportunities for .music registrants to build their music identities online, connect with other artists, professionals or companies and provide possibilities for business deals or new ventures.

The Premium Music Community Member Channels (PMCMC) organized directory will be available for all .music registrants. The Premium Channels are sorted based on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) and and bound by Eligibility, Name Selection, Content and Use and Enforcement Registration Policies.

What are the Premium Music Community Member Channels?

Premium Channels are domains consisting of semantic, highly-searched keywords relating to music. For example:

  • (Music Community Member Type or Classification)
  • (Genre)
  • (Instrument)
  • (Mood)
  • (Language/Culture)
  • (City)
  • (Region)
  • (Country)
  • (Type of Music Content)
  • (merchandise)

Premium Channel Example: A French rock artist called XYZ from Paris, France:

A music artist registers and selects their classification types and appropriate categories. After joining the Premium Channels using their .music community identification the artist can be discovered and be featured on:

  • (i.e. Name of Music Artist)
  • (i.e. City of  Music Artist)
  • (i.e. Country of Music Artist)
  • (i.e. Language of Music Artist)
  • (i.e. Genre of Music Artist)

Premium Channel Example: A German lawyer called Michael Steiger from Munich, Germany:

A music lawyer registers and selects their classification types and appropriate categories. After joining the Premium Channels using their .music community identification the music lawyer can be discovered, appropriately sorted and be featured on:

  • (i.e. Name of Music Professional)
  • (i.e. Type of Music Professional)
  • (i.e. Type of Music Professional)
  • (i.e. City of Music Professional)
  • (i.e. Country of Music Professional)

The Premium Channels combine the power of a credible social network and a "Yellow Pages" type of directory for the .MUSIC community restricted only for .MUSIC registrants. The Premium Channels will be sorted based on the NAICS classification codes. Each .music registrant will be able to select the Premium Channels they belong to after registering their .MUSIC domain. Using their community member identification, music community members will be able to register to the Premium Channels.

Each Premium Channel will be managed by appropriate Administrators and entities relating to those channels. For example, country-based Premium Channels will be administered by the appropriate government Ministry of Culture or Art Council or Music Information Office or Music Export Office or a Coalition of these government-funded initiatives.

What are the benefits of the Premium Channels?

The Premium Channels will ensure that .music domains will be automatically listed in all the major search engines. The Premium Channels and Music Registry will make .music domains search engine friendly and be optimized to rank in the top search results for their respective keywords. By utilizing keyword-rich premium domains, the .MUSIC community can enjoy increased exposure, highly-relevant traffic and search engine visibility

How are Community Members sorted?

At registration, all .music registrants will be required to choose their classification type sorted based on NAICS codes under these four categories:

  • Musician or Musical Groups (both these categories will represent a substantial majority of .music registrations. They are classified as Musical Groups and Artists under NAICS code 711130 which is equivalent to Musicians and Musical Groups under ISIC code 9214 );
  • Music Professionals; or
  • Music Companies

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