The .MUSIC Community Initiative

About .MUSIC™ (DotMusic)

DotMusic represents a strictly organized and delineated logical alliance of communities relevant to music (“Music Community Member Organizations”) constituting a majority of the global Music Community. DotMusic’s community-based initiative is launching a safe, trusted and authenticated .MUSIC top-level domain controlled by the global Music Community under a multi-stakeholder governance structure with enhanced safeguards to protect intellectual property.

Like the .EDU domain extension, .MUSIC is a verified, industry-supported domain platform, offering a safe haven for the dissemination and promotion of music — it will be the “.EDU” for the global music Community.

DotMusic trades globally under the .MUSIC™ trade name. The .MUSIC initiative, a global music community-based initiative to launch the .MUSIC Top-Level Domain (TLD), was founded in 2005. DotMusic Limited has applied to the governing body of the Internet’s domain namespace, ICANN (the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), to manage the .MUSIC domain extension under a  model of music community governance and control.

DotMusic’s music-tailored Registration Policies are consistent with its articulated community-based purpose to launch an Industry standard for official, verified domains for the global music community; has more music-focused enhanced safeguards than any other Applicant to protect intellectual property and create a safe haven for legal music consumption and licensing; and a multi-stakeholder governance structure representing all constituents regardless of type, size or locale. DotMusic’s .MUSIC community-based domain will serve the public interest and the global Music Community by providing a safe, authenticated and trusted unique online identifier and signal for official, verified music websites globally.

By promoting the operation and sale of domain names through the Community itself, DotMusic will encourage global Music Community use and adoption of .MUSIC and help fund global Music Community interests as well. Only members of the global Music Community that are members of the organized and delineated logical alliance of Music Community Member Organizations are eligible to register a .MUSIC domain name.

To date, a majority of the global Music Community — including government, industry, commercial and non-commercial music constituents — support the DotMusic’s .MUSIC community-based Top-Level Domain (TLD) Initiative. Through our Policy Advisory Board (PAB), the global Music Community will be able to participate in shaping the future and distribution of legal music on the Internet via the .MUSIC generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) extension.

The .MUSIC mission and purpose is:

  • Creating a trusted, safe online haven for music consumption
  • Establishing a safe home on the Internet for Music Community members regardless of locale or size
  • Protecting intellectual property and fighting piracy
  • Supporting musiciansʹ welfare, rights & fair compensation
  • Promoting music and the arts, cultural diversity and music education
  • Following a multi-stakeholder approach of fair representation of all types of global music constituents, including a rotating regional advisory board working in the best interests of the Music Community


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  • Ensure that the Music Community governs and runs .MUSIC
  • Supported by Music Community members representing 95% of global music
  • With music-tailored policies and safeguards to protect musicians
  • Prevent Google, Amazon and big corporations from owning .MUSIC
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