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Global Music Database

The objective of the .MUSIC Song Registry is to enable legal music licensing through a global song registry available to .music registrants. Music community rightsholders can use the Song Registry to legally market and license their music globally.

There have been two efforts to create a global database of music rights, which have been unsuccessful: the International Music Registry (See IMR – and the Global Repertoire Database (See GRD –

A comprehensive, centralized database for locating music rightsholders and facilitating licensing agreements is a necessary pre-requisite for creating an efficient and transparent global music marketplace. This type of global music registry for music rights information creates the legal foundation for establishing and advancing international licensing standards.

DotMusic’s goal is to facilitate the location of rightsholders and creating an innovative architecture based on the DNS to further legal music monetization creative on a global level in an efficient, transparent and standardized manner to ensure that information on file are updated in the same manner WHOIS information is updated for a domain name and are current, accurate and comprehensive.

DotMusic is seeking collaboration with the music community and other important stakeholders for the successful development and implementation of the .MUSIC Song Registry based on DNS infrastructure. The .MUSIC multi-stakeholder governance board will oversee the Registry’s development and implementation.

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