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Member Verification

Global music community members will be verified to ensure that the rightful entities own their name.

Enhanced Safeguards

.MUSIC is the first domain extension with enhanced safeguards to protect both brand name and copyright infringement.


.MUSIC has built-in security (https) to prevent abuse. Its enhanced security, verification and trust will increase search engine ranking.

.MUSIC vs .COM, .GOV and .EDU

Exclusive to Music Community
Enhanced Safeguards
Copyright Protection
Brand Name Protection
Verified Owner
Badge of Trust
Built-in Security (https)
Search Engine Ranking More Info
Music Governance
Music Advocacy and Participation
Voting Rights
Appeals Mechanisms
Music Database (Date TBD)
Directory Listing (Date TBD)
Industry Networking (Date TBD)

.MUSIC is custom-tailored to the music community

Different from .COM & others domain extensions

Enhanced safeguards to protect intellectual property

Verified domains for Artists & Creators, Bands, Industry Professionals and Companies 

Exclusive to members of  the global music community

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