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Mission and Purpose

The DotMusic Mission for .MUSIC is:

  1. Creating a trusted, safe online haven for music consumption & licensing
  2. Establishing a safe home on the Internet for Music Community members
  3. Protecting intellectual property & fighting piracy
  4. Supporting musiciansʹ welfare, rights & fair compensation
  5. Promoting music and the arts, cultural diversity & music education
  6. Following a multi-stakeholder approach of fair representation of all types of global music constituents

The global Music Community as delineated by DotMusic includes all music constituents, regardless of size, locale, or type or whether they are commercial or non-commercial.

.MUSIC will effectively differentiate itself by addressing the key online usage issues of safety, trust, consistency, brand recognition as well as communicate site subject-matter: music-related content. The TLD will be exclusive only to music community members and will incorporate enhanced safeguards and Use policies to protect creators, intellectual property and rights holders.

An overarching objective for DotMusic is to ensure that .MUSIC will provide music community members the opportunity to distinguish themselves from illegal or unlicensed sites. This way monies flow to rightful owners.

The DotMusic Foundation is a Cyprus non-profit organization, which will be focused on serving the global music community and engaging in activities aligned with its community-based purpose.  Proceeds from .MUSIC registrations will be used to support activities aligned with DotMusic’s Mission.


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