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Community Establishment & Nexus


DotMusic’s definition of the “Music Community” as a “strictly delineated and organized community of individuals, organizations and business, a logical alliance of communities of similar nature that relate to music”(See Application, 20a) is factually accurate and representative of the “Music Community.” Community characteristics include:   i) An Organized, Cohesive, Interdependent Logically-Allied Community: The “Music Community” definition covers the...
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The Global Music Community

[logooos columns="5" itemsheightpercentage="0.65" backgroundcolor="transparent" layout="grid" category="108" orderby="date" order="DESC" marginbetweenitems="25px" tooltip="enabled" responsive="enabled" grayscale="disabled" border="enabled" bordercolor="#DCDCDC" borderradius="logooos_no_radius" hovereffect="effect3" hovereffectcolor="#DCDCDC" ] *DotMusic has received over 1000 Letters of Support. These supporting organizations are some of the organizations that have supported DotMusic.  

The .MUSIC community-based top-level domain initiative is an all-inclusive effort for the entire global music...

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