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How .MUSIC will go mainstream and benefit ICANN’s New gTLD Program

Since the launch of the New gTLD Program in 2012, it has become evident that new gTLD registries overestimated the demand for new Top-Level Domain name extensions. Furthermore, new gTLD registries did not anticipate the hurdles in raising awareness, not to mention creating adoption for new domains. Even the most pessimistic New gTLD Program critic…

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Why Facebook would not exist without .EDU

What was Facebook’s most disruptive killer strategy to dethrone Myspace and become one of the most dominant players on the Internet? Some credit Facebook’s success on their superior platform, tools, options and apps, while others blame Myspace’s demise on their lack of innovation, corporate culture and focus on serving advertisers rather than their members after…

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How ICANN Auctions can serve Public Interest & promote Competition, Innovation & Diversity

UPDATE ICANN’s final new gTLD auction rules did not incorporate any suggestions provided in the article below and recommended in the DotMusic’s submission to ICANN about how to ICANN auction rules can serve the global public interest by promoting competition, innovation and diversity. In short: ICANN Auctions will favor Applicants with the deepest pockets, such…

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