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YouBloom is a growing international music community of musicians, industry professionals and music fans facilitating their passion for music. YouBloom is “the global music village,” an international collective of musicians, industry professionals and music fans with a passion to help new talent develop and prosper. YouBloom’s mission is to ensure every aspiring artist that should make it, makes it and to provide all emerging artists with the knowledge to develop a sustainable career through providing the education and opportunity to collaborate and network with a global community of fellow artists, industry and fans.

YouBloom’s vision is to create the go-to global community where aspiring artists can find the knowledge, support encouragement and opportunity to develop to their full potential in the music industry.

YouBloom is involved in an array of activities, such as providing:

  • Music Conferences enabling up & coming artists to learn from and network with industry experts.
  • Live Gigs showcasing emerging musical talents from around the world
  • Music Awards, which began in 2010 primarily as an online event with fan voting and high profile judges. YouBloom subsequently established an A&R team which also coincided with the roll out of our live program in the UK, Ireland and Argentina.

YouBloom also launched the youbloom@Dublin, its annual international music conference/festival with artists/bands from 11 countries. Music industry icons Dave Robinson/Stiff Records, Tommy Silverman/New Music Seminar, Nigel Grainge/Ensign Records, producer Rupert Hine and other music industry greats contributed to the conference.

YouBloom believse in the possibility of everyone finding their voice and expressing it in a world where more and more artists are able to sustain themselves in what they love doing. With YouBloom, music community members can:

  • Learn the business of music
  • Connect with other artists, fans and industry
  • Play at events and gigs

YouBloom Learning provides a ground for emerging artists in all aspects of the music business including PR & Social Media Marketing Skills, Brand Creation and Control of Multi-Platform Content, Synchronisation Deals, Negotiating Deals and Intellectual Property, Record Keeping and Taxation in Music and Monetising Online Streamed Content.

YouBloom Connect provides an opportunity for music community members to connect with fans, other artists and industry professional experts.

YouBloom Play offers many opportunities to play at events and gigs worldwide to broaden an artist’s reach and access to a wider audience.

Events included:

  • YouBloomDublin 2013: YouBloom hosted a two day industry led music conference and bands from 11 countries which played over three nights. The conference included music industry icons Dave Robinson of Stiff Records who gave the keynote address, Tommy Silverman of the New Music Seminar and producer Rupert Hine.
  • YouBloomDublin 2014: Alan McGee, the legendary manager of Oasis, Primal Scream and The Libertines was the keynote speaker at youbloom@Dublin 2014 where bands from 20 countries played to venues in Dublin’s Dame District.
  • YouBloomLA 2014: YouBloom held its annual festival and conference in Los Angeles hosting bands from all over the world for 3 days/nights of live music and networking. At its conference, YouBloom hosted UK A&R legend, Nigel Grainge as our keynote speaker. Other speakers included Dede Flemming, Jan Fairchild, Mike Bone, Vince Bannon and Tom Sturges.

YouBloom sees their “cooperative” growing organically into a network of local offline communities joined together online.



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