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Music Community Member Organization (MCMO) Reseller Application

The MCMO phase is a priority-based launch phase for Community members belonging to Music Community Member Organizations (MCMOs). This means members belonging to MCMOs will be able to register their .MUSIC domain prior to the global release of the .MUSIC domain (also known as General Availability).

The MCMO launch phase provides the global music community a priority in registering their .MUSIC domain to prevent cybersquatting, impersonators and bad faith or illegitimate registrations

MCMOs are defined as organizations or entities that (i) relate to music; and (ii) have members/subscribers/customers who would have a legitimate interest in registering .MUSIC.

The benefits of becoming a .MUSIC MCMO Reseller are:

It is free and does not require any upfront costs
It offers a new complementary and value-added product to your members/subscribers/customers
It gives you with the lowest wholesale price possible that can't be matched elsewhere
It provides you with a unique opportunity to generate immediate revenue
It allows you to enjoy stable and consistent recurring income because renewal rates are over 75%
It enhances your brand's membership value proposition if you decide to offer .MUSIC to members at the lowest possible wholesale price

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