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Music Community Member Organization (MCMO) Application

The .MUSIC Registry will provide a priority phase for members of the global music community to apply and/or register their .MUSIC domain name and identity through a Music Community Member Organization (MCMO).

An MCMO is defined as an organization or entity that relates to music with members/subscribers/customers who would have a legitimate interest in registering .MUSIC. The .MUSIC Registry manually approves MCMOs that are interested in offering .MUSIC to their members.

The MCMO Phase enables members belonging to MCMOs to register their .MUSIC domain and identity prior to the global release of the .MUSIC domain known as General Availability.

The MCMO Phase is a launch phase comprised of two stages:

  1. Application stage: MCMO Members apply for their .MUSIC domain and identity (Application fee applies for applicants)
  2. First-come, first serve stage: MCMO Members can register on a first-come, first-serve basis (Registration fee applies for registrants)

The goal of the MCMO Phase is to provide an additional intellectual property safeguard to protect artists and music brands from cybersquatting, impersonators and illegitimate registrations. The .MUSIC Registry has also added this phase because the overwhelming majority of artists and music brands have not filed a valid trademark with the ICANN Sunrise Phase's TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH) because the process may be deemed too expensive, complicated or time-barred (since trademark registrations take time to process and award).

MCMO benefits may include:

  • Offering priority to members to register their .MUSIC domain and identity prior to .MUSIC becoming globally available
  • Becoming a .MUSIC verification agency that ensures that MCMO's members are properly verified, vetted and also credited to the MCMO
  • Revenue-sharing opportunities as a reseller or affiliate

To apply to become an MCMO fill in the MCMO Application form below:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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