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Established in January 2004 (©urve)music™ is focused on providing artists, brands and music companies with unique services involving publishing, music branding and B2B consultancy.

(©urve)music is a record & publishing company whose mix of artists share their diverse musical knowledge, cultural influences and experiences on creating modern works mixing live instrumentation and technology with urban sounds from across the globe. Due to their musical differences and the constant exchange of information between our artists, (©urve)music adopted and continues implementing a lateral approach on various levels of the production process, including our business model.

An a progressive and artists driven music publisher, (©urve)music helps writers fully REC (Register | Exploit | Collect) their works. On the consultancy side (©urve)music advises brands, music industry players (including artists) on business strategies, planning, sales & marketing, distribution and beyond.

Since May 1st 2010 (©urve)music also launched two separate businesses in Brazil, a music business school called Musicness[1] and Sync Originals,[2] a creative music services agency.



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