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The strictly delineated, organized and logical alliance of communities (referred to as “MCMOs” in the Application) of similar nature that relate to music (defined as the Community in the Application) is of considerable size, extension and longevity. In context, the global music Community defined covers millions of formal members corresponding to over 99.9% all music produced, distributed, promoted and consumed. This designated Community is considerably large in regards to formal memberships with MCMOs and considerably large in regards to global geographic dispersion.

The Community is forward-looking and will continue to exist in the future since the pursuits of the Community are of a lasting, non-transient nature. Additionally, the Community (as defined in the Application) has awareness and recognition among its members due to the membership structure of the strictly delineated and organized logical alliance of communities of similar nature related to music defined in the Application. Community members do not have a tangential relationship with the Community since they have the requisite awareness and recognition of the Community through their formal memberships and will continue to exist into the future.

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