WiseBand is the one stop platform for artists, bands and labels to manage all their music activities, including:

  • Digital distribution of music on the most popular music destinations and stores including iTunes, AmazonMP3, Youtube, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play and others;
  • Management of merchandising and album stocks with direct shipping to music fans;
  • Statistical analysis music tools, logistics, sales data and financial flows management;
  • Online shopping store customization to sell direct to fans;
  • CD replication, vinyls, merchandising, print and special branded items; and
  • Embedded players and other tools for music distribution and fan engagement

Wiseband was featured by French Pavilion as one of most French innovative startups in music at 2014 Austin SXSW.[1] Wiseband has also numerous received music awards, including the Vendée Digital Awards in 2013[2] and the Trophées Territoire et Innovation des Pays de Loire in 2012.[3]


Website: http://www.wiseband.com/

Support Letter: http://music.us/letters/Wiseband.pdf


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