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The #1 goal of any recording artist is to get their music heard by potential fans.

The ProPlay® Song Insertion Service is designed to provide recording artists with the opportunity to have their songs play adjacent to the songs of established artists of the same genre on any of our participating internet radio streaming services.

ProPlay® is a song promotion service that assists recording artists with acquiring fans and building a relationship for further engagement with listeners who have been targeted as likely customers of the artist’s music.

The ProPlay® Network of music streaming providers reaches over 100 million music listeners each month[1] and offers artists an unparalleled opportunity to target their desired audience. ProPlay’s streaming providers are compensated for their participation and work directly with our staff to assure quality targeted delivery of the artist’s music.

ProPlay® is a great way to promote the new music of both established and independent recording artists as well as provide an unprecedented testing platform for record labels to further evaluate artists under consideration for investment with feedback from surveys they provide.

When the ProPlay® artist’s song is played, a synced banner also appears in the media player when available. When clicked, a new landing page opens that includes a complete artist profile with content that the artist can further customize. Alternatively, the artist can direct the listener to their own website or to a survey landing page.

ProPlay® provides a true bridge between the Artist and the Fan.



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