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MusicBrainz is the largest community-maintained open source encyclopedia of music information globally. The MusicBrainz music community has nearly 1.3 million members with a database covering nearly 1 million artists and nearly 18 million songs from over 200 countries.

In 2000, Gracenote took over the free CDDB music data project and commercialized it, essentially charging users for access to the very data they had themselves contributed. In response, Robert Kaye founded MusicBrainz. The project has since grown rapidly from a one-man operation to an international music community who appreciate both music and music metadata. Along the way, the scope of the project has expanded from its origins as a mere a CDDB replacement to today, where MusicBrainz has become a true encyclopedia of music.

As an encyclopedia and as a community, MusicBrainz exists solely to collect as much information about music as we can. MusicBrainz does not discriminate or prefer one “type” of music over another though, in fact it collects information about as many different types of music as possible, whether it is published/unpublished, popular/fringe, western/non-western, or human/non-human



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