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Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)

Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)

Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)







Jeunesses Musicales International (“JMI”) is the world’s largest music youth organisation covering over 5 million music community members aged 13-30. JMIis the largest youth music non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the world, created in Brussels, Belgium in 1945 with the mission to “enable young people to develop through music across all boundaries” powered by its 230 staff members and 2,200 volunteers.

Through some 36,000 activities thatembrace all styles of music,JMI coordinates cross-border exchange opportunities on the international level and has established four priority activity fields: Young musicians, young audiences, youth empowerment and youth orchestras and ensembles. With member organisations currently in 45 countries and contact organisations in another 35, JMI is a global network providing opportunities for young people to engage with music. JMI places empowerment, with its emphasis on social inclusion and cohesion, at its core. For over 60 years, JMI has been ‘Making a Difference through Music’, using the power of music to bridge across social, geographical, racial and economic divides and creating a platform for intercultural dialogue in 2000 cities (See

JMI is a globally-recognised organisation, which is affiliated with the International Music Council (“IMC”), a music network covering 200 million music community members and over 1000 organisations in over 150 countries that was founded in 1949 at the request of the Director-General of UNESCO (See ) as a non-governmental body to the agency on musical matters (See JMI is an IMC partner for its Music Empowers Global Youth (“MEGY”) project (See

The JMI network connects people and cultures worldwide, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration. JMI is always broadening its global membership and partnerships, offering members numerous opportunities to inspire, showcase and strengthen their work.

In joining the world’s largest youth-music network, community members get:

  • To connect & collaborate with the largest youth-music network in the world.
  • To create, adopt & develop international projects & programs.
  • Project inspiration from network best practices in youth empowerment.
  • International Conferences, Relevant Training Sessions and Informative Network Meetings.
  • Greater visibility online and stronger promotion via:, Youtube,, MySpace, Flickr.etc.
  • JMI Head Office support (communications, advocacy, contacts…).
  • Preferential rates on receiving the WYC/ WOJM/ MCI/ JMJAZZ Artists.
  • Tour collaboration (artist sharing) with other members.
  • Discounts on member showcase artists.
  • Discounts on World Cultural Centre rates.
  • Discounts for selected competitions/ auditions.
  • Structural support to enable your local expansion.
  • Intern, volunteer, and job exchange possibilities with recruitment support.
  • International promotion, training and education opportunities for your local artists.


Members give:

  • Their say on network matters.
  • Opportunities to tell others what you do.
  • Support for international projects and programs (auditions, concerts etc…)
  • Prestige, recognition and exclusivity to your organization.
  • Support and promotion to JMI branding in your country.
  • Their country and its diverse cultures the spotlight.



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