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Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS)

Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS)

Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS)








The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) was founded in 1969 and is the representative body of music owners, composers, lyricists (or authors) and the publishers of music and is also the sole authorized body to issue licenses for usage of musical works & literary music in India. The IPRS is a strong believer in the policy of education in the field of copyright. IPRS has been and continues to be very active in the Indian copyright field. The IPRS is a very active member of the Copyright Enforcement Advisory Council set up by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India to advise the Government on copyright issues and their enforcement.[1]

The IPRS is also affiliated with globally-recognized, international music organizations, which include ONDA (Algeria), SADAIC (Argentina), APRA (Australia), AKM (Austria), SABAM (Belgium), AMCOS, SBACEM, UBC (Brazil), MUSICAUTOR (Bulgaria), SOCADRA (Cameroon), SOCAN (Canada), SCD (Chile), MCSC (China), SAYCO (Colombia), BCDA (Congo), ACAM (Costa Rica), ACDAM (Cuba), OSA, SOZA (Czech Republic), KODA (Denmark), IMRO (Ireland), AYCE (Ecuador), TEOSTO (Finland), ADAGP, SACD, SACEM (France), GEMA (Germany), AEPI-AENI (Greece), BGDA (Guinea), CASH (Hong Kong), ARTISJUS (Hungary), STEF (Iceland), KCI (Indonesia), ACUM (Israel), SIAE (Italy), BURIDA (Ivory Coast), JASRAC (Japan), MCSK (Kenya), AKKA/LAA (Latvia), LATGA-A (Lithuania), OMDA (Madagascar), MACP (Malaysia), BUMDA (Mali, UKAM (Malta), MASA (Mauritius), SACM (Mexico), BMDA (Morocco), BUMA (Netherlands), STEMRA (Netherlands), Tono (Norway), APA (Paraguay), APDAYC (Peru), FILSCAP (Philippines), ZAIKS (Poland), SPACEM (French Polynesia), SPA (Portugal), RSR (Romania), RAO (Russia), BSDA (Senegal), COMPASS (Singapore), SAMRO, (South Africa), KOMCA (South Korea), SGAE (Spain), SLPRS (Sri Lanka), SASUR (Suriname), STIM (Sweden), SUISA (Switzerland), MCT (Thailand), MUST (Taiwan), COSOTA (Tanzania), COTT (Trinidad and Tobago), SODACT (Tunis), MESAM (Turkey), PRS, MCPS (UK), AGADU (Uruguay), ASCAP (USA), BMI (USA), SESAC (USA), CAAP (Russia), IFFICIO LEGALE (Vatican), SACVEN (Venezuela), SOKOJ (Serbia), SONECA (Zaire), ZIMRA (Zimbabwe) and others.[2]



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