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International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC)

International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC)

The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC)


The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), the only global network of international music information centres that is dedicated to the global music community by means of “facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of music documentation, promotion and information, leading to an increased international cooperation, performance and use of repertoire of music of all genres.”

The International Association of Music Information Centres is the “only international network of organisations that document, promote and inform on the music of their country or region in a diversity of musical genres” without discrimination. IAMIC” acknowledges the importance of sharing and optimizing knowledge, expertise and knowhow. In this respect its activities provide an international context for its members, enabling the provision of services and encouraging collaborations, exchanges and partnerships.”

IAMIC has “a major role in building bridges between its members, creating networking opportunities and supporting and enhancing the visibility of projects that underline the objective of IAMIC: create an international landscape where pathways to information on music continually enhanced to provide users with the highest possible level of access.”

IAMIC’s goals are:

To encourage and enhance access to information, materials, and products provided by its members, and to encourage the performance, broadcast, and dissemination of music from members; To encourage exchanges, collaborations, and the exchange of ideas, experiences and skills amongst its members, and to provide a range of relevant services to its members; To play an active role in the broader international music environment”[1]

The body which is now known as IAMIC was formed in 1958 as a grouping of ‘National Music Centre Representatives’ under the aegis of the International Music Council, an organization that UNESCO founded in 1949, which represents over 200 million music constituents from over 150 countries and over 1000 organizations globally.[2] In 1962, the member-organisations became a constituent branch of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML). In 1986, growing activity and membership led to the setting up of the International Association of Music Information Centres functioning under its own bylaws and board of directors. The affiliation with IAML ended in 1991 when IAMIC, by then with some forty member-organisations, became a fully-independent association.[3]

Some members include:

Australia (Australian Music Centre)

Austria (MICA – Music Information Center Austria)

Belgium (Flanders Music Centre)

Belgium (CEBEDEM – Belgian Centre for Music Documentation)

Belgium (MATRIX)

Brazil (CIDDIC-Brasil/UNICAMP)

Canada (Canadian Music Centre)

Croatia (Croatian Music Information Centre KDZ)

Cyprus (Cyprus Music Information Center – CyMIC)

Czech Republic (Czech Music Information Centre)

Denmark (Danish Arts Agency – Music Centre)

England (Sound and Music – SAM)

Estonia (Estonian Music Information Centre)

Finland (Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic)

France (CDMC – Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine)

Georgia (Georgian Music Information Centre)

Germany (German Music Information Centre)

Greece (Greek Music Information Centre / Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics)

Hungary (BMC Hungarian Music Information Center)

Iceland (Iceland Music Information Centre)

Ireland (Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland)

Israel (Israel Music Information Centre / Israel Music Institute)

Italy (CIDIM / AMIC)

Latvia (Latvian Music Information Centre – LMIC)

Lithuania (Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre)

Luxembourg (Luxembourg Music Information Centre)

Netherlands (Netherlands Music Information Centre)

New Zealand (Centre for New Zealand Music – SOUNZ)

Norway (Music Information Centre Norway)

Poland (Polish Music Information Centre)

Portugal (Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre / Miso Music Portugal)

Scotland (Scottish Music Centre)

Slovakia (Music Centre Slovakia)

Slovenia (Slovene Music Information Centre)

South Africa (Music Communication Centre of Southern Africa – MCCOSA)

Sweden (Svensk Musik)

Switzerland (Fondation SUISA pour la musique)

U.S.A. (American Music Center)

Wales (Ty Cerdd – Welsh Music Information Centre)




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