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International Artist Organisation (IAO)

International Artist Organisation (IAO)

International Artist Organisation (IAO)













The International Arist Organisation (IAO) is the umbrella association for national organisations representing the rights and interests of music artists (i.e. IAO is an organisation mainly dedicated to the common interests of the community addressed by the .MUSIC domain). The IAO’s principal interests are transparency, the protection of intellectual property and a fair reflection of the value an artist’s work generates. IAO-associated organisations include:

  • The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), an organisation that represents the rights and interests of thousands of music artists. FAC’s membership is diverse and represents artists from across the industry including the spectrum of genres that the vibrant music scene celebrates and of every generation.
  • The Guild of Artists of Music (GAM), an organisation with a mission to unite, share and promote the artists’ voice. GAM unifies creators and performers of music. GAM places the artists and their creations in the centre of discussions and negotiations. GAM regroups artists from all generations, sensibilities and styles of music.
  • CoArtis, a coalition founded by music performers. It is a horizontal, cross-sectional and non-profit organisation inclusive of feelings, ideas and proposals that chase among other goals to improve the precarious situation of performers, to collaborate with unions and associations created to defend healthy working conditions for performers and to deal with social and political representatives which have to develop and protect laws concerning music artists. CoArtis is committed to the campaigns for the fair treatment  of performers in the digital environment.
  • DOMUS, an organisation aimed at all musicians. Every music maker, whether author or recording artist, solo artist or band, singer or instrumentalist, DJ, or producer can join with DOMUS directly. DOMUS’ common goal is to give us music makers a prominent voice in the important, often global decisions that affect all musicians.
  • FACIR, an organisation that represents diverse music members in all decision-making discussions related to music.
  • GramArt, an organisation representing thousands of music artist members from all musical genres. GramArt was established in 1989 to protect the legal rights and professional interests of the recording artists. GramArt advocates for the interests of the artists in the public debate and constantly strives to improve overall conditions for artists. GramArt participates in the legislative and policy debates and in internal industry negotiations and we represent the artists in the relevant societies and collective management organisations. On the individual level, GramArt provides legal and business advice to our members and offer education and other benefits.
  • CAFM, an organisation based in Zagreb, Croatia representing the views of music artists.

Featured Artists are the performers that are generally considered to form a band (e.g. the individuals that make up Radiohead) or that are understood to be a singer/solo performer (e.g. Annie Lennox). Featured Artist Coalition board members comprise of globally-recognized music artists that include:

Annie Lennox
Ed O’Brien (Radiohead) (Co-Chair)
Fran Healy (Travis)
Hal Ritson (The Young Punx)
Howard Jones
Imogen Heap
Kate Nash
Katie Melua
Lucy Pullin (The Fire Escapes)
Master Shortie
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) (Co-Chair)
Ross Millard (The Futureheads)
Roxanne De Bastion
Sandie Shaw (Co-Chair)



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