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Heaven 11

Heaven 11

Heaven 11







Heaven 11 is a global rights music database for writers, performers, producers, publishers, societies, labels, aggregators and DSP. Heaven 11 provides a one stop, comprehensive global solution for the registration of multi-territorial ownership and control of musical works, master recordings and releases. Heaven 11 serves songwriters, producers, performers, publishers, labels, PRO and CMO online services, digital platforms, broadcasters, mobile and hardware companies and other users, with a single united database, rights administration and licensing solution.

Heaven 11 also provides a music marketplace and an online office for the music community.

Heaven 11’s mission is to:

To improve metadata registration procedures;
To reduce back-office data management costs;
To reduce misallocated and unallocated royalties;
To speed up and simplify licensing procedures;
To reduce administrative barriers to business;



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