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Global Rock Summit

Global Rock Summit

Global Rock Summit







The Global Rock Summit (GRS) is an international rock music conference aimed at bringing together all aspects of the multi-billion dollar global rock music industry in one annual, focused gathering with a view of helping to further stimulate a very buoyant but often much overlooked sector of the music industry.

With many global companies working in the rock sector, the Global Rock Summit encourages these companies to enhance their business and creative activities around the time of the GRS, and in doing so, help draw more business opportunities to all in attendance.

Through a number of forums featuring rock’s leading visionaries as well as unparalleled networking opportunities, the GRS brings together global music colleagues vested in all things rock. The event provides artists, managers, labels, publishers, agents, promoters, brands, media, etc. from all of rock music’s many sub-genres” with unique perspectives from around the world as well as the opportunity to further their creative and commercial opportunities.



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