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Dashgo provides global music rights administration for 200,000 songs and digital distribution for over 10,000 artists.

Dashgo also provides monetization that is both global and hyper local. DashGo works to maximize the value of music catalogs in partnership with clients and align incentives, reaching over 30 worldwide digital platforms, such as Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Beats, Shazam and others. Dashgo prides ourselves with longtime direct relationships and integration with download, streaming & radio services as well as collecting music royalties directly from SoundExchange.

Dashgo also is a YouTube MCN and is fully YouTube Certified with a strong network of creators and partners to help monetize sound recordings, compositions and music videos. The Dashgo music video network includes over 238,000 music videos, 1.2 million members with a reach of over 5.4 billion annual views.

Dashgo provides artists with full control over their music, providing management of music releases from a single platform. Dashgo also collects music royalties monthly, including providing UPCs, ISRCs, encoding and delivery to hundreds of the most popular digital music distributors. Dashgo also gives artists social analytics of their music to help track their performance across many social networks and internet radio stations.

Dashgo also provides labels with a unified, industry-leading dashboard to manage all of its artists’ releases with complete encoding, metadata, and content archiving. Dashgo also gives labels comprehensive royalty reporting with complete label, artist, and publisher reporting to fit the label’s needs and is Fully Harry Fox Agency reporting compliant.



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