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PledgeMusic is a leading music global direct-to-fan platform that provides artists and labels with the tools needed to get fans to engage early.







PledgeMusic is leading music global direct-to-fan platform that provides artists and labels with the tools needed to get fans to engage early. PledgeMusic has staff internationally in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Nashville, London, and Germany. With an arsenal of tools including PledgeMusic’s website, preordering system, iPhone app, email marketing, social media dashboard, data collection widgets, and more, artists and labels can let fans become partners in the creative process. PledgeMusic invites fans to go behind the scenes with one of a kind exclusives and bonus content.

Content creators retain 100% of all ownership rights, so PledgeMusic is able to operate as a standalone platform or work in conjunction with traditional record deals and marketing. In a nutshell, it’s everything an artist or label needs to fund, pre-sell, sell, and release their music while connecting directly with fans.

Once a project is given the green-light, it can be linked to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and our app will track the project’s progress, while fans can add badges to their own sites and pages. For direct-to-fan campaigns, PledgeMusic releases the funds in three payments (on funding, release, and fulfillment). For pre-order campaigns, we disburse money immediately when the campaign is released and fulfilled.

PledgeMusic also maintains partnerships with major players in the digital and physical music spheres, and provides numerous options to help record, produce, manufacture, market, and distribute your music, merchandise, and tickets. Finally, PledgeMusic provides artists the option to raise money for the charity of their choosing.

PledgeMusic offers two distinct options for campaigns:

  1. A PledgeMusic direct-to-fan campaign offers all-or-nothing fundraising. This is our traditional campaign type, and allows fans to pledge without any transfer of money until a specific fundraising goal is met. This type of campaign is perfect for independent artists, and those wishing to raise money to record or set up an album release, tour, or video.
  2. A PledgeMusic preorder campaign is similar to other e-commerce preorder campaigns, but bundles in all the communication and marketing tools that make PledgeMusic great. These tools allow artists to connect and market directly to their core fans, and spread the word beyond. For this type of campaign, fans are charged immediately upon pledging. This type of campaign is designed for labels and artists who have already completed a recording, and are looking for a strategic way to pre-sell and market it.



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