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The primary focus of .MUSIC is to help the music community by launching a dedicated .MUSIC top-level domain platform that enables .MUSIC registrants to connect with other .MUSIC registrants, including musicians, bands, industry professionals, music companies, brands as well as fans.

.MUSIC will contribute proceeds from its domain name registrations to select not-for-profit organizations that support its community mission, core values and 5 initiatives. The .MUSIC Top-Level Domain (TLD) will host music events and sponsor artists, bands, tours, as well as other activities to help the music community accomplish their goals, fight piracy & protect trademarks, support music education and foster innovation in both the music and Internet space.

How can .MUSIC help artists and the music community be discovered?

All .MUSIC websites will be search engine friendly and be optimized to rank in the top search results for their respective keywords. These include valuable, theme-based premium domains, such as genres (e.g Rock.music), moods (Sad.music), instruments (Guitar.music), languages (German.music), cities (London.music), countries (Japan.music) and semantic keywords (Live.music).

Premium domain names will be organized and marketed to benefit the entire .MUSIC community and all .MUSIC domain registrants using proprietary domain keyword-tagging technology. All .MUSIC artists, companies and their content will be featured across thousands of .MUSIC registrant-generated Premium portal websites. They will be organized according to the tags and categories registrants select.

For example, a band called XYZ registers the domain name XYZ.music. The band is from Paris, France and their primary genre is Rock. Furthermore, their songs are in the French language. Based on the tags selected by the XYZ band, they will be featured across portals that include: Paris.music (city), France.music (country), French.music (language) and Rock.music (genre). Likewise, a music lawyer from Barcelona will be listed under the portals Barcelona.music, Spain.music, Attorney.music, Lawyer.music and so forth. By utilizing keyword-rich premium domains, the .MUSIC community can enjoy increased exposure, highly-relevant traffic and search engine visibility.

Direct-to-Browser One-Step Search & Intuitive Discovery

.MUSIC will improve Internet navigation and music discovery by introducing direct-to-browser one-step intuitive search navigation. Users will be able to find keyword-based, themed content by entering the keyword search phrase followed by the .MUSIC extension directly into their web browser. For example, if users are searching for “rap,” they would input “http://rap.music” directly into their browser.

.MUSIC’s direct navigation innovation has advantages over traditional search engines: It reduces search time and ensures the most relevant, accurate & trusted result is reached in one step.

Unique and Brandable Web Addresses for Songs

Artists will be able to create unique song .MUSIC web addresses to help them market new single releases more efficiently. Giving each song a dedicated address makes searching for songs on the web much faster and easier by simply entering it direct-to-browser: http://SongName.ArtistName.music

Users can also interact directly with the music, video, lyrics and tabs of each song as well as add their own user-generated content.

.MUSIC Internationalized Domain Names for Cultural Diversity

.MUSIC will cater to the needs of a culturally-diverse global music community. Besides English/Latin, .MUSIC will also be transliterated and launched in other language scripts, including:


Why does the Music Community need .MUSIC domain name?

How do Music Consumers & Music Community benefit from .MUSIC?

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