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Yahoo Launch

Launchcast is an online radio station that plays music based on the voting of the user. With a Yahoo! account, users can gain access to thousands of songs sorted by both artist and genre. The service uses the voting feature as a means to build a play list based on the user's favorite kinds of music as well as their favorite artists. The website also features artist profiles with extensive selections of music videos, photographs and biographical information. You can visit the official site at,,,

More commonly referred to simply as "LAUNCH" (and rebranded "Yahoo! Music" or simply "Y! Music" in February 2004, it began as a magazine by the same title that was issued in both standard print format and as an interactive cd-rom. Eventually the print version was eliminated and subscribers were only sent the cd-rom version. It contained video interviews, live performances and special video segments by music stars as well as standard (but interactive) music magazine features. Eventually the magazine was purchased by Yahoo! and integrated into their website.

Yahoo Launch Cast is a streaming music service allowing you to create your own customized station tailored to your tastes. Rate artists and albums highly to hear them often and ban the ones you hate. You can also listen to our extensive collection of pre-made stations created by Yahoos editorial staff. Launch Cast gives you the ability to customize a radio station based on your tastes. This guide will help you get the best experience on your customized station. In a nutshell, you tell Launchcast the music you like and don't like, and the Yahoo Music system will produce a radio experience that includes music you like as well as new music you might like based on your tastes.

You can listen to 600 songs per month for free without any special restrictions. After 600 songs in a month, if you still want to listen to the free service, you'll experience the following restrictions:

  • No customized radio
  • No song skipping
  • Low (mono) audio quality only
  • You can bypass all of these restrictions with LAUNCHcast Plus.

Launch cast provides a free music listening experience supported by advertising. It's currently the only free service that incorporates customized stations along with unlimited artist, album, and song ratings. Unlike terrestrial radio, Yahoo pays royalties for every song and bandwidth fees for every minute of music that is played through LaunchCast service. In order to have a free service for everyone, we have some restrictions on heavy use. These restrictions may be temporary and are subject to change as the dynamics of YahooMusic business change.

If your usage exceeds a certain number of song plays (currently 600, but subject to change) within a given month, you will be given the following choices:

  • Upgrade to LAUNCHcast Plus* for high audio quality, unlimited customized radio station play, unlimited song skipping, no commercials, exclusive stations, and much more.
  • Continue listening to our preprogrammed editorial stations.
  • If you don't upgrade to LAUNCHcast Plus, you will not be able to access your customized station for the remainder of the calendar month. However, please note that you will still have access to our preprogrammed editorial station selections.

At the beginning of the next month, your free LAUNCHcast will be restored with an additional 600 songs at medium bandwidth with skipping until you exceed the heavy usage threshold again. Note: All songs played count toward the limit, including those that you skip.

Yahoo Music believes these options provide a reasonable balance by giving heavy users the ability to continue listening for free, without impacting the radio stations ability to offer a free service for all listeners. LAUNCHcast video clip radio is not currently compatible with Netscape Navigator for the PC or the Mac OS X operating system. LAUNCHcast requires the following in order to properly stream media content:

PC - Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 Professional, XP Home, or Professional
Pentium II, 233MHz or faster
at least 64MB RAM
Internet Explorer 5.0 and up
Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher
Macromedia Flash 6.0 or higher
56k or broadband Internet connection

Apple Macintosh - Mac OS 8.5 to 9.2.2
200MHz PowerPC (iMac OK)
at least 64MB RAM
Netscape Navigator 4.5 to 4.7
Windows Media Player 7.01 or higher
Macromedia Flash 6.0 or higher
56k or broadband Internet connection

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