.MUSIC (DotMusic) Supporters and MCMOs

The .MUSIC community-focused top-level domain initiative is composed of musicians, artists, bands, songwriters, producers, engineers, managers, record labels, publishers, promoters, performance rights organizations, government music export offices & arts councils, industry associations, non-profit organizations, music societies, broadcasters, DJs, podcasters, studios, retailers, music conferences & expos, digital aggregators, digital stores, instrument & music software manufacturers, distributors, educational universities & institutions, music educators, researchers, music consultants, researchers, music lawyers, journalists, writers, music community websites and other music industry professionals.

By taking into consideration feedback from different constituents from the global music industry and employing the “bottom-up” approach, the .MUSIC initiative will ensure that all music stakeholders have a voice in the development and launch process of the .music top-level domain extension.

The .MUSIC governance structure will encompass a multi-stakeholder, rotating board, with fair and equal representation of different interests within the music industry, non-commercial constituents and .MUSIC registrants.

The Music Community Defined

The advent of the internet has shifted the way the Music Community interacts and has affected how the Community operates in profound ways. As a result of Internet the Community has become more organic and decentralized with millions of people sharing music than ever before and engaging with the Community. This was a salient shift away from the centralized and highly controlled way in which the market for music once operated.

In effect, this marked the birth of the Community in the truest sense of the word, shifting away from monopolized power structures by creating a truly networked Community of music makers connected to their fans in a more direct manner (Direct-to-Fan).  There were three salient developments that followed:

  1. The music market experienced much more product diversity (see Chris Anderson’s Long Tail at: http://wired.com/wired/archive/12.10/tail.html) since music makes and music lovers could now interact with each other without the ‘forced’ mediation of parties who benefitted from the filtering process that they kept in place.
  2. Copyright law was instantly outdated, prompting a major legislative overhaul in the US (for more info go to http://www.loc.gov/crb/proceedings/2006-3/  and http://www.loc.gov/crb/proceedings/2006-3/riaa-ex-o-103-dp.pdf). In effect, this marked a weaker appropriability regime, which benefits the Community but not parties who want to monopolize the means of appropriation.
  3. The evaluation/selection process of music itself is now much more democratized; the days are over when the DJs and VJs at the major broadcasting stations were the single voice that mattered in how music was valued. Today the Internet is a massive space for evaluation by the masses.

The Community’s engagement, interactions and operations have changed significantly as a direct result of the advent of the Internet in an environment where the collective Community voice rather than the voice of the few are now able to make a difference that matters in music, its distribution and consumption.


The DotMusic Mission is to (i) create a trusted, safe online haven for music consumption & licensing, (ii) establish a safe home on the Internet for Music Community members regardless of locale or size, (iii) protecting intellectual property and fight piracy, (iv) support musicians' welfare, rights and fair compensation, (v) promote music and the arts, cultural diversity & music education, and (vi) follow a multi-stakeholder approach of fair representation of all types of global music constituents, including a rotating regional Advisory Committee Board working in the Community’s best interest, including both reaching commercial and non-commercial stakeholders.

To be aligned with its Mission, DotMusic has focused on expressions of support that cover an all-inclusive global, balanced and multi-stakeholder representation of the Community that collectively represents the majority of the recognized Community by size. The size of the Music Community relates to the total number of constituents represented or covered by the recognized institutions, federations, associations, organizations, coalitions or any other music entities that have expressed their support.

DotMusic’s Mission, rationale and bottom-up, all inclusive multi-stakeholder process in obtaining expressed support has been conducted and executed to eliminate the likelihood of material detriment to the rights or legitimate interests of a significant portion of the Community to which .MUSIC may be explicitly or implicitly targeted. DotMusic’s Mission, support rationale and process has also taken into consideration objectives relating to competition, innovation and enhanced safeguards in intellectual property protection, security and safety, which are consistent with not only ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments but also the Basic Principles of the “vital importance of transparency, openness and non-discrimination” expressed by the WIPO-led International Music Registry (with participants including music stakeholder groups RIAA, IFPI, SCAPR, ACTRA, SAMRO, IRSC, ECAD and CIAM).

The process by which DotMusic has received its support is through its global communication outreach campaign. Pursuant to its Mission, DotMusic has been conducting extensive outreach to the Community since 2008 to brand itself and its mission to convey the benefits of .MUSIC and requesting Community support letters. Since 2008 DotMusic has led Music Community efforts to the ICANN community through dedicated participation at ICANN meetings and other DNS/new TLD related events. The Music Community Member Organization (mCMO) domain allocation method during the Landrush phase was created by DotMusic to allow Community members to register through established Community organizations. During the General Registration phase the TLD is open to all Community members for registration but also restricted by Eligibility, Use and other Policies, including enhanced safeguards.

DotMusic has been a strong Community supporter and participant as demonstrated in its ongoing efforts to build a sustainable TLD with policies dedicated to match the needs of the Community using a multi-stakeholder model, while ensuring it is implemented in a manner fulfilling DNS and ICANN technical, political and legal requirements.

DotMusic has publicly branded itself in an open, transparent and accessible manner through differentiated .MUSIC-related sites, social media, online marketing and through tens of thousands of web discussions/media mentions. Over 1,500,000 have signed the .MUSIC Initiative petition; over 5 million have liked/followed DotMusic in popular social media sites; and a significant number of leading mCMOs have signed support/interest letters as shown in response to this question.

The total expressions of the majority of the Music Community support vary and are far-reaching, multi-stakeholder representative and balanced encompassing all four major constituents of the Community: government, commercial/Industry, non-commercial and digital/technology.


Some of our Supporters and MCMOs

Federation of over 70 Government Culture Agencies and Arts Councils

International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies

International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the global network of arts councils and ministries of culture. with national members from over 70 countries comprised of governments’ Ministries of Culture and Arts Councils covering all continents.

IFACCA has over 70 members, across all continents. A list of IFACCA members is available here [http://www.ifacca.org/membership/current_members/]. Please note that while the dotMusic project has been given in-principle approval by the board of IFACCA, it has not been endorsed by individual member organisations.

  • Albania (Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth & Sport)
  • Armenia (Ministry of Culture)
  • Australia (Australia Council for the Arts)
  • Bahamas (Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture)
  • Belgium (Ministry of the Flemish Community, Arts & Heritage)
  • Belize (National Institute of Culture & History)
  • Botswana (Department of Arts & Culture, Ministry of Youth, Sport & Culture)
  • Bulgaria (National Culture Fund)
  • Cambodia (Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts)
  • Canada (Canada Council for the Arts)
  • Cayman Islands (Cayman National Cultural Foundation)
  • Chile (Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes)
  • China (CFLAC - China Federation of Literary & Art Circles)
  • Cook Islands (Ministry of Cultural Development)
  • Cuba (Ministerio de Cultura de la República de Cuba)
  • Denmark (Kulturstyrelsen - Danish Agency for Culture)
  • England (Arts Council England)
  • Fiji (Fiji Arts Council)
  • Finland (Arts Council of Finland)
  • France (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication de France)
  • Gambia (National Council for Arts & Culture of The Gambia)
  • Grenada (Grenada Arts Council)
  • Guyana (National Trust of Guyana, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport)
  • Iceland (Ministry of Education, Science & Culture)
  • India (Ministry of Culture)
  • Ireland (Arts Council of Ireland - An Chomhairle Ealaíon)
  • Jamaica (Ministry of Youth, Sport & Culture)
  • Kenya (Bomas of Kenya)
  • Lithuania (Ministry of Culture)
  • Luxembourg (Ministère de la Culture)
  • Malawi (Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Culture)
  • Malaysia (Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture)
  • Maldives (Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture)
  • Malta (Malta Council for Culture and the Arts)
  • Mongolia (Ministry of Education, Culture & Science)
  • Mozambique (Ministério da Cultura)
  • Namibia (National Arts Council of Namibia)
  • Netherlands (Raad voor Cultuur - Council for Culture)
  • New Zealand (Creative New Zealand - Toi Aotearoa)
  • Niger (Ministere de la Communication, des Nouvelles Techonologies de l'Information et de la Culture)
  • Northern Ireland (Arts Council of Northern Ireland)
  • Norway (Norsk Kulturråd - Arts Council Norway)
  • Palau (Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs)
  • Papua New Guinea (Ministry of Culture & Tourism)
  • Portugal (Direcção-Geral das Artes)
  • Qatar (Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage)
  • Romania (Ministry of Culture & National Heritage)
  • Saudi Arabia (Ministry of Culture & Information)
  • Scotland (Creative Scotland)
  • Senegal (Ministère de la Culture et du Tourisme)
  • Seychelles (Ministry of Community Development, Youth, Sport & Culture)
  • Singapore (National Arts Council of Singapore)
  • Solomon Islands (Ministry of Culture & Tourism)
  • South Africa (National Arts Council of South Africa)
  • South Korea (Arts Council Korea)
  • Spain (Secretaría de Estado de Cultura, España)
  • Swaziland (Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture)
  • Sweden (Statens Kulturråd - Swedish Arts Council)
  • Switzerland (Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council)
  • Tanzania (Basata: National Arts Council) Tunisia (Ministry of Culture)
  • United Arab Emirates (Sharjah Museums Council)
  • U.S.A. (National Endowment for the Arts)
  • Vietnam (Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism)
  • Wales (Cygnor Celfyddydau Cymru - Arts Council of Wales)
  • Zambia (National Arts Council of Zambia)
  • Zimbabwe (National Arts Council of Zimbabwe)

The DotMusic/DotArtist Initative along with its .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund is an affiliate member of IFACCA. The Initiative will work with IFACCA to ensure the protection of country geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries.

Website: IFACCA.org

Association of over 35 Countries' Music Information Centers

International Association of Music Information Centres

The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) is a global network of organizations which document and promote the music from our time. IAMIC “supports the work of 40 member organizations in 37 countries. Music Information Centers across the world bear fundamental similarities: they provide specialized music resources for music students, performers, composers and music teachers; they act as visitor centers for any member of the public with an interest in learning about national musical heritage; they develop audiences for new music through educational and promotional projects.”

These include:

  • Australia (Australian Music Centre)
  • Austria (MICA - Music Information Center Austria)
  • Belgium (Flanders Music Centre) Belgium (CEBEDEM - Belgian Centre for Music Documentation)
  • Belgium (MATRIX)
  • Brazil (CIDDIC-Brasil/UNICAMP)
  • Canada (Canadian Music Centre)
  • Croatia (Croatian Music Information Centre KDZ)
  • Cyprus (Cyprus Music Information Center - CyMIC)
  • Czech Republic (Czech Music Information Centre)
  • Denmark (Danish Arts Agency - Music Centre)
  • England (Sound and Music - SAM)
  • Estonia (Estonian Music Information Centre)
  • Finland (Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic)
  • France (CDMC - Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine)
  • Georgia (Georgian Music Information Centre)
  • Germany (German Music Information Centre)
  • Greece (Greek Music Information Centre / Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics)
  • Hungary (BMC Hungarian Music Information Center)
  • Iceland (Iceland Music Information Centre)
  • Ireland (Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland)
  • Israel (Israel Music Information Centre / Israel Music Institute)
  • Italy (CIDIM / AMIC)
  • Latvia (Latvian Music Information Centre - LMIC)
  • Lithuania (Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre)
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg Music Information Centre)
  • Netherlands (Netherlands Music Information Centre)
  • New Zealand (Centre for New Zealand Music - SOUNZ)
  • Norway (Music Information Centre Norway)
  • Poland (Polish Music Information Centre)
  • Portugal (Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre / Miso Music Portugal)
  • Scotland (Scottish Music Centre)
  • Slovakia (Music Centre Slovakia)
  • Slovenia (Slovene Music Information Centre)
  • South Africa (Music Communication Centre of Southern Africa - MCCOSA) Sweden (Svensk Musik)
  • Switzerland (Fondation SUISA pour la musique)
  • U.S.A. (American Music Center)
  • Wales (Ty Cerdd - Welsh Music Information Centre)

The .MUSIC Initiative will work with IAMIC to ensure the protection of country geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries. Website: (IAMIC.net)

Australian Music Industry and Regional Coalition

The Austrialian music industry and regional coalition was created to promote music from Australian and all of its regions. The .MUSIC Initiative will work with the music coalition to ensure the protection of Australian geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries.

Coalition members include:

Canadian Music Industry and Provincial Music Industry Associations Coalition

The Canadian music industry and provincial music industry associations coalition was created to promote music from Canada and all of its provinces. The .MUSIC Initiative will work with the music coalition to ensure the protection of Canadian geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries.

CIMA has successfully recruited the support of Canada’s Provincial Music Industry Associations as active participants in the national coalition to support your .MUSIC initiative. What this means, is through CIMA (a national music trade association) and the provincial and territorial music industry associations (MIAs), the coalition truly represents a coast-to-coast community of music interests, from British Columbia in the west to Nova Scotia in the east. In addition to BC and Nova Scotia, the coalition will also include the provincial MIAs from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

CIMA and its partners look forward to working with the .MUSIC Initiative and to ensure that Canada’s music industry as a whole takes advantage of and benefits from a safe and trusted top-level domain, through your innovative .MUSIC initiative.

Coalition members include:

French Music Coalition

The French music coalition was created to promote music from France. The .MUSIC Initiative will work with the music coalition to ensure the protection of French geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries.

Coalition members include:

  • French Music Export (Bureau Export). Website: French-Music.org
  • Believe Européen de Distribution et Services Numériques aux Artistes & Labels Indépendants: Website: Believe.fr
  • Carnet De Route, Groupe de Créations Françaises Festives. Website: Groupe-CarnetdeRoute.fr
  • Francophonie Diffusion. Website: FrancoDiff.org
  • IRMA - Centre d'Information et de Ressources pour les Musiques Actuelles. Website: IRMA.asso.fr
  • Music Story. Website: Music-Story.com

Brazilian Music Coalition

The Brazilian music coalition was created to promote music from Brazil. The .MUSIC Initiative will work with the music coalition to ensure the protection of Brazilian geographic names consistent with ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice and advance the promotion of music, culture and the arts internationally across all countries.

Coalition members include:

  • Brazilian Association of Independent Music (ABMI). Website: ABMI.com.br
  • Brazil Music Exchange (Brasil Musica & Artes). Website: BMA.org.br


TuneCore is the world's leading digital distributor for online music and video. TuneCore works with many digital music retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, and more to sell music online in their stores/services. TuneCore distributes between 15,000 - 20,000 newly recorded releases a month, this is more music being distributed monthly than all the major labels combined in 100 years.

Hundreds of thousands of artists use TuneCore, from emerging talent to world-famous artists including: Nine Inch Nails, Drake, Ziggy Marley, Keith Richards, Jay- Z, Cheap Trick, Moby, Public Enemy and more. Since 2009, the TuneCore customer base has sold over 600 million units of music generating over $300 million dollars in gross music sales representing over 60% of all new music sales. This market share continues to grow significantly quarterly. In addition, many of TuneCore's artist customers dominate the iTunes, Amazon and other music retail charts outselling and out earning well over 98% of major label releases.

Website: TuneCore.com

CD Baby

From their humble roots as a late-90's garage startup to their current standing as the biggest online distributor of independent music in the world, CD Baby has established itself as one of the most trusted names in the music business. With a supportive, hands-on approach to artist and label-relations, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service team (who can actually be reached by phone), CD Baby has built a loyal client base of almost 500,000 artists and millions of music-fans around the globe.

CD Baby is the world's largest online distributor of independent music, with over 400,000 albums and 4 million tracks in its catalog. CDBaby has paid out over $200 million to its artists.

Website: CDBaby.com


Reverbnation is home to one of the world's largest music communities and is a leading online music-marketing platform used by over 2 million artists, plus managers, record labels, and venues.

ReverbNation provides over 2.35 million music industry professionals — artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals/events — with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online. Reverbnation's distribution and promotional solutions provide the hands-on tools and actionable insights that allow musicians and industry professionals to reach their goals in an increasingly complex music world. Reverbnation operates worldwide with customers on every continent and has over 30 million monthly visitors.

Website: Reverbnation.com


SonicBids is the world’s leading matchmaking site for emerging bands, brands and
music promoters with over 350,000 artists, 26,000 promoters and 100 million music fans.

Website: SonicBids.com

INgrooves Fontana

INgrooves Fontana combines the best-in-class digital and physical distribution to empower the independent music community. It is a leading digital media distribution and technology company that provides clients customized marketing, promotion, sync licensing and administrative support to help maximize the earnings potential of specific music and video releases or catalogues. At the heart of INgrooves Fontana is ONE Digital: a proprietary, end-to-end digital asset management platform that automates many distribution and administration functions. INgrooves Fontana's platform is a content hub that connects directly to all leading online and mobile stores worldwide and distributes more than 300,000 songs globally.

Website: INgroovesFontana.com

The Orchard

The Orchard was founded in 1997 to foster independence and creativity in the music industry. The Orchard is a pioneering music and video distribution company operating in more than 20 global markets, provides an innovative and comprehensive sales and marketing platform for content owners. With industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard’s creative, tailored approach streamlines its clients’ business complexity while amplifying reach and revenue across hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world, as well as physical retailers in North America and Europe. In 2012, both The Orchard and IODA combined their businesses under The Orchard to create a new market leader in comprehensive digital distribution services.

Website: TheOrchard.com


LyricFind is the world’s leader in legal lyric solutions. Founded in 2004, LyricFind exists to fill the void of the most popular music content on the Internet – lyrics. In order to provide a successful lyrics service, LyricFind has not only amassed licensing from over 2,000 music publishers, including all four majors – EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing – but has also built a quality-controlled, vetted database of those lyrics available for licensing. Behind the scenes, LyricFind tracks, reports, and pays royalties to those publishers on a song-by-song and territory-by-territory basis. Additionally, LyricFind has a customized search solution available to licensees to identify music based on lyrics, and answer that age-old question of “What’s that song?”.

Website: LyricFind.com

Music Austria (MICA)

Music Information Centre Austria (MICA/Music Austria, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture is the professional partner for musicians in Austria, founded in 1994 as an independent, non-profit association, on the initiative of the Republic of Austria. Objectives include the support of contemporary musicians living in Austria with advice and information and the distribution of local music through promotion in Austria and abroad. MICA has national and international networks and is a member of EMO (European Music Office), IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres), IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) and the IMC (International Music Council).

Website: MusicAustria.at

Associação Brasileira da Música Independente(ABMI)

The Brazilian Association of Independent Music (ABMI) was founded in January 2002. ABMI operates in the Brazilian market and global to promote the production and distribution of independent Brazilian music. Currently, the association represents the majority of record labels in Brazil.

Website: ABMI.com.br

Brasil Musica & Artes (BM&A)

The Brazil Music Exchange is an organization set up in July 2001 with the objective of encouraging and organizing the promotion of Brazilian music abroad, working with artists, record companies, distributors, exporters, collection societies and cultural entities.

Website: BMA.org.br

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) represents more than 180 Canadian companies and professionals engaged in the worldwide production and commercialization of Canadian independent music, who in turn represent thousands of Canadian artists and bands. Furthmere CIMA has successfully recruited the support of Canada’s Provincial Music Industry Associations as active participants in the national coalition to support your .MUSIC initiative. What this means, is through CIMA (a national music trade association) and the provincial and territorial music industry associations (MIAs), the coalition truly represents a coast‐to‐coast community of music interests, from British Columbia in the west to Nova Scotia in the east. In addition to BC and Nova Scotia, the coalition will also include the provincial MIAs from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, PrinceEdward Island and New Brunswick.

Website: CIMAmusic.ca

Flanders Music Centre

Flanders Music Centre is an organization established by the Flemish government to support the professional music sector and to promote Flemish music in Belgium and abroad.

Website: FlandersMusic.be

Luxembourg Export Office

Music:LX / Luxembourg Export Office is a non-profit organization and network created in 2009 with the aim to develop Luxembourg music of all genres around the world and to promote professional exchange between Luxembourg and other territories. music:LX helps establish and consolidate relationships between Luxembourgian artists and international music professionals. We do so through organized meetings in both international territories and Luxembourg, along with networking events at different conferences/fairs including Eurosonic, MaMA, Jazzahead, WOMEX, Printemps de Bourges, CMJ, Sonic Visions and many others.

Website: MusicLX.lu

French Music Export (Bureau Export)

French Music Export Office (Bureau Export) is a French non-profit organization and network created in 1993, that helps French and international music professionals work together to develop Frenchproduced music around the world and to promote professional exchange between France and other territories.

Website: French-Music.org

Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre

Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre (LMIPC) was established in 1995 on the initiative of the Lithuanian Composers' Union. From 2001 LMIPC works as a non-governmental public company, founded by the Lithuanian Composers' Union. From 2006 LMIPC also runs Music Export Lithuania project. Its mission statement is to make music created by the Lithuanian artists accessible, to get it performed and heard. In carrying out its role the centre documents, provides access, and actively promotes music by the Lithuanian artists.

Website: MIC.lt

Music Centre Slovakia

Music Centre Slovakia is a government state-subsidised institution established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Its mission is to encourage Slovak music culture by organizing concerts, bringing pieces of Slovak composers to the stages, publishing sheet music and music books, documenting the music life in Slovakia and promoting Slovak music culture abroad. The origins of a State institution involved in organising music life in Slovakia go back to 1969. In 1997, it was integrated in the National Music Centre, while in 1999 the Slovkoncert was turned into the Music Centre.

Website: HC.sk

Music Novia Scotia

Since 1989, Music Nova Scotia has been working to foster, develop and promote the full potential of the music industry in Nova Scotia. Based in Halifax, this non-profit member services association is devoted to advancing the careers of music industry professionals in songwriting, publishing, live performance, representation, production and distribution, and to help ensure that Nova Scotian musicians are heard on the world stage.

Website: MusicNovaScotia.ca

Conductors Guild

Throughout its 35-year history the Conductors Guild has served as an advocate for the conducting profession throughout the world. Its membership of over 1,600 represents conductors on a global scale.

Website: ConductorsGuild.org

National Association of Recording Industry Professionals

The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals(NARIP) promotes education, career advancement and good will among record executives. Established in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, NARIP has chapters in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and London, and reaches 100,000+ people in the music industries globally. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, NARIP has chapters in New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and London.

Website: NARIP.com


Founded in 1946, Disc Makers is the undisputed leader in optical disc manufacturing for independent artists, filmmakers, and businesses. Many of its 400 team members are musicians and filmmakers themselves. The company has pioneered many of the features currently taken for granted in the music and film industry: complete turnkey packages, integrated in-house manufacturing, board packages like jackets and Digipaks, promotional posters and value added promo services, quality unparalleled in the industry, the industry’s only money-back guarantee, and turn times no one else can touch. The company operates the most vertically integrated manufacturing facility in the industry out of its Pennsauken, NJ facility, and produced over 40,000 titles in 2010 and the number is still growing. Disc Makers will furnish from 1 to 1,000 discs (or tens of thousands when ordered). Disc Makers continues to be firmly focused on its mission: helping independents – whether musicians, filmmakers, or small businesses – compete head to head with companies much larger than themselves. In short, Disc Makers empowers artists to do what they love.

Website: DiscMakers.com

National Association of Recording Industry Professionals

The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals(NARIP) promotes education, career advancement and good will among record executives. Established in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, NARIP has chapters in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and London, and reaches 100,000+ people in the music industries globally. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, NARIP has chapters in New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and London.

Website: NARIP.com

The Echo Nest

The Echo Nest is a music intelligence company that powers smarter music applications for a wide range of customers -- including MTV, The BBC, MOG, Thumbplay, Warner Music Group and a community of about 7,000 independent app developers. The Echo Nest’s customers reach over 100,000,000 music fans every month. These application developers have built over 340 music applications on The Echo Nest platform, including music search, discovery, playlisting, location-based mobile applications, music games and analytics-driven marketing applications. Check out some of these applications here. Powered by the world’s only machine learning system that actively reads about and listens to music everywhere on the web, The Echo Nest opens up a massive repository of dynamic music data to application developers to re-shape how we all experience music. The Echo Nest was co-founded in 2005 by two MIT Media Lab PhDs, Brian Whitman and Tristan Jehan. Winner of three National Science Foundation SBIR grants.

Website: Echonest.com


Broadjam is proud to host an online community of over 100,000 musicians and provide web-based promotional tools and services for independent musicians, the music industry and fans around the world. One of the world's largest web communities focused on independent music, Broadjam.com hosts a massive online database of searchable songs by artists from all 50 U.S. states and over 150 countries worldwide. The Broadjam Pro Services group designs and builds custom technology for music industry clients such as Warner/Chappell, Academy of Country Music, Peavey, Yamaha and others.

Website: BroadJam.com


Nimbit is the industry’s premier direct-to-fan platform for today’s music business. Nimbit provides the easiest solution for self-managed artists, managers, and emerging labels to grow and engage their fanbase, and sell their music and merch online. Thousands of artists use Nimbit every day to get fans excited and to give them more ways to support their careers.

Website: Nimbit.com

Music Xray

Music Xray facilitates a more efficient, lower cost, and less risky A&R process. Itsr growing platform with a community of over 100,000 artists enables the industry to open the doors of opportunity to musicians and songwriters everywhere and to harness the most powerful tools ever built specifically for those who conduct A&R.

Website: MusicXray.com


Ourstage.com is web and mobile-based music community offering free music streaming, discovery, and editorial content is made up of undiscovered artists interested in exposure, music lovers and industry professionals committed to bringing talent to the masses. Partners include MTV, AOL and Clear Channel.

Website: OurStage.com


Bandzoogle is a music-focused advanced website builder platform for thousands of bands around the world.

Website: Bandzoogle.com

Believe Digital

Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists and labels in Europe. Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with several hundred digital music stores in the world. Believe's distribution network includes internet digital music stores such as iTunes and Virgin as well as mobile and video services such as Vodafone, H3G, Orange, Telecom Italia and many more. Believe has an extensive network of offices (UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal) to efficiently coordinate international promotion of its music artists.

Website: BelieveDigital.com

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is an independent record label started in 1981 by Tom Silverman. The label is widely recognized for significant contribution to the development of hip hop music, dance music, and electronica.

Website: TommyBoy.com

Ariel Publicity

Ariel Publicity, Artist Relations & Booking is a thought leader in the digital PR world: the founder of a successful PR firm; international speaker & educator and the author of two books on social media and marketing for artists. Ariel’s Cyber PR® process marks the intersection of social media with engaged behavior, PR, and online Marketing. Ariel’s bi-weekly newsletter and YouTube series “SoundAdvice” has attracted over 20,000 subscribers.

Website: ArielPublicity.com

Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week is recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. We bring together Sound Recording, New Media and Broadcast for one spectacular week of events… Combining informative, intensive conferences, cutting edge trade exhibition, award shows, film festival and Canada’s biggest New Music Festival.

Website: CMW.net

CMJ Network

CMJ Network connects music fans and music industry professionals with the best in new music through interactive media, live events and print. CMJ.com offers a digital music discovery service, information resources and community to new music fans, professionals and artists. CMJ Events produces the legendary CMJ Music Marathon, the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind, in addition to live events and tours across the US. The weekly music-business trade magazine CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio. airplay. CMJ Access is an integrated marketing agency specializing in providing its clients unparalleled access to the college and young adult demographic and emerging music world.

Website: CMJ.com

DFR Asia

DFR is a media company for the 21st century, identifying and harnessing dynamic young companies in digital media and entertainment to lead in tomorrow's markets. Founded in 2008, DFR Asia is an early stage investment firm specializing in digital media and entertainment in China and Japan. DFR Asia invests capital, expertise, and resources to transform dynamic young businesses into tomorrow's leaders. Together with its focused group of companies DFR Asia serves as a strategic partner to global leaders for maximizing opportunities in Asia’s most important markets.

Website: DFRA.com

IKON Russia

IKON is the leading Russian music company focusing in management, booking, promotion, events, records and publishing.

Website: IKON.su

Francophonie Diffusion

Created in February 1993, Francophonie Diffusion promotes artists and music from the Francophone area through a worldwide network of more than 1000 medias (radio stations, online media), festivals and music supervisors worldwide located in 100 countries, provinces or territories. Interactivity & development In addition to its role in the export of Francophone music, Francophonie Diffusion tends to initiate communication between all Francophone partners (radio broadcasters, online media, festivals, music supervisors, artists, record labels, agents, private and governemental operators) towards a common framework. Francophonie Diffusion constantly expands its international network and sets up exchanges and co-op programs between all partners providing professional tools especially designed for their needs.

Website: FrancoDiff.org

Horus Music

Horus Music is an independent music distributor, music publisher and record label based in the Midlands, UK distributing to 600 music download, streaming and mobile stores globally.

Website: HorusMusic.co.uk

Membran Entertainment Group

The Membran Entertainment Group and in particular the music production division, is today one of the music industry's leading European independents. We produce, sell and distribute our comprehensive media products both independently and through our experienced partners – not only nationally but worldwide! Be it in the traditional retail outlets, the digital world or „non-traditional“ as branded entertainment: we not only think and adapt in all the directions that the continually evolving world of entertainment demands - but we continue to exploit our potential to the maximum, using a powerful and global distribution network.

Membran's array of “in-house” labels offer productions in all styles and genres of music – ranging from jazz, classical, pop and rock, as well as a wide spectrum of genre and “theme” compilations and special limited edition exclusive boxes. Through our label-management services, we offer third party labels, artists or producers a complete service ranging from A to Z to enable the successful marketing, promotion and distribution of music designed for today’s digital age worldwide.

Since its foundation in 1968 the company has expanded, becoming stronger and unique due to the huge numbers of classical music productions; Membran has not only received numerous awards and Media Prizes such as from the Association of German Music Schools, the German Record Critics' Prize, various nominations for the MIDEM Classical Award and more, making Membran a world leader in the Classical world – but the company also devotes its attentions to developments in the modern world of entertainment, continually broadening its horizons in the process. Both national and international acts and signings find their way to us, celebrating chart entries and enjoying the attention of both media and public as a result.

Website: Membran.net


Based on proprietary automation software & excellent global partner relations, award winning MUSICJUSTMUSIC® offers Worldwide Digital Distribution for music & music related content, as well as other software & services for the music business of the 21st century. Digital Distribution is provided for Artists, Record Labels & Enterprises of music rights simultaneously into 600+ online & mobile music stores in 79+ countries, reaching about 97% of the consumers buying legally music as downloads worldwide. MUSICJUSTMUSIC's state-of-the-art browser-based MJM 3.0 technology allows our clients to fulfill every aspect of their distribution, from any computer & cell phone with internet connection alike. More than a webtool with instant worldwide market access, this web app becomes the music manager's Mobile Music Office™. MUSICJUSTMUSIC's partners are the leaders of the digital revolution & most of the important global entertainment players, lifestyle brands, Internet providers & mobile carriers. MUSICJUSTMUSIC®'s goal is to unite the best in music of any genre with the best in technology. Feel at home in the future.

Website: MusicJustMusic.com

Music Solutions Japan

Music Solutions is a well-respected music consulting and brand development company based in Japan founded in 1996 by Sebastian Mair in Hong Kong-Macau / Tokyo. Sebastian has been a fixture in the Japanese music industry, consulting for a who’s who of the industry including JVC/Victor Entertainment, Fujipacific Music, Maple Music, Chris Smith Management, Roadrunner Records, Syn Entertainment, Export Music Sweden, Rykodisc. Mair often a music supervisor for film, television and DVD projects as well as numerous music compilations (Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, Ritz Carlton). He is also the Cultural Officer (music) at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo.

iMusician Digital

iMusician Digital is a digital distribution for independent bands and Musicians (with or without a label), labels and managements, based in Zurich, Berlin and Melbourne. We put your music into nearly 200 online music stores worldwide like iTunes, Napster, eMusic or Spotify; from Europe to America to Japan..

Website: iMusicianDigital.com

Marcato Digital

Marcato Digital is web-based artist management and festival management software for artist communications, booking scheduling, keeping track of contacts and venues, storing files in a centralized file manager, automatically pushing upcoming gigs to social networking sites, and generating printable tour itineraries and press kits.

Website: MarcatoDigital.com

Music Story

Music Story provides editorial content to online stores that sell music so biographies, album reviews, recommendations.

Website: Music-Story.com

Ignis Technologies

Ignis is at the heart of transformation in the media and entertainment ecosystem creating endless streams of growth opportunities for its customers. Ignis brings in more than 100 man years of collective experience exclusively on Media and Entertainment Sector working with Fortune 1000 customers for over seven years. Ignis provides complete life cycle solutions in Media and Entertainment ecosystem.

Website: IgnisTech.com

Patchwork Music

Patchwork Music provides touring services for bands (Tour management, production, sound engineers, backline crew, drivers), is a band management and booking agency and provides programming and production services for music festivals and events.

Website: PatchworkMusic.co.uk

Planetary Group

Planetary Group is an artist development firm. Over the past 15 years Planetary has worked with a variety of musicians from all genres, signed and unsigned, self-released, indie and major labels.

Website: PlanetaryOnTheWeb.com

Tribal DDB

Tribal DDB is a digitally centric global advertising agency with fifty six offices spanning 38 countries throughout "The Americas", "EMEA" and "APAC".

Website: TribalDDB.com

GMR Marketing

Founded in 1979 in Milwaukee, GMR as a music and promotions marketing agency that built brands through targeted entertainment and grassroots programming. Launched and managed the Miller Band Network – a nightlife program that featured emerging artists in local bars and clubs. The longest running program spanned 18 years and 125,000 events featuring 300 different artists.

GMR’s reputation for keeping brands culturally relevant through innovative programming attracted other image-based brands, including Apple, Rolling Stones Magazine, Gibson US, Coca-Cola and Sony.A forerunner of experiential marketing, GMR is credited with pioneering the concepts of branded marquee events and touring attractions that enable a consumer to engage with a brand through a tangible and personally relevant encounter. Event Marketer Magazine said that GMR is "The agency that can actually take credit for helping build the entire event marketing discipline."

Website: GMRmarketing.com

Trigger Creative Conference

Trigger Creative Conference is a music industry event which takes places simultaniously with the Peace & Love-festival: a meeting place for Swedish and the Worlds biggest artist, branche elite and more than 40.000 happy festival visitors. Trigger works together with Swedish largest music festival – and takes place in the heart of the festival area.

Website: Triggercc.com


Volnado is a platform-based technology that enables the sustainable monetization of the artist-fan relationship.

Website: Volnado.com


.MUSIC Community Member Organizations (mCMO™)

Music Community Member Organizations (mCMOs) will be given priority in the second phase of the .MUSIC launch process following the Sunrise phase where trademark owners can claim their domains. To be considered for mCMO accreditation, please email us at community @ music.us





















































































































































































































































































































































































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