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Jamster! offers you thousands of ringtones, the latest games and cool color wallpapers for your phone.
Register now and get your ringtone on jamster. Jamster!, part of the VeriSign, Inc. family, is a leading wireless content mediation company. Jamster! offers robust mobile services by providing access to more than 50,000 pieces of content including the latest ringtones, images, games, and community services.

Jamster services are offered as a managed service through VeriSign's IC3SM infrastructure service platform for commerce, communications and content. With support for a broad variety of handsets from industry-leading manufacturers, and the most flexible options for content delivery to the handset, Jamster enables carriers to generate new revenue from their existing subscriber base while promoting exciting content offerings to aid subscriber acquisition efforts.

Jamster has helped several large carriers increase their revenues by offering timely and diverse content services. With Jamster, these carriers seamlessly deliver customized, branded content acquisition portals without significant upfront licensing costs or platform complexity. Jamster branded services in are now offered North America, UK and Australia and include market proven, end-to- end solutions for content on-boarding, license aggregation, formatting, catalog management, mediation, subscription management, rating and billing and payment integration.

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