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Columbia House

bmg music

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The Columbia House Company, now acquired by BMG Music from Sony, is the world's largest direct marketer of music, videos and DVD home entertainment product. With approximately 8 million offline and online club members in the United States and Canada, the company provides direct-to-consumer marketing of over 8,700 DVD titles and 8,000 music titles through its entertainment clubs. ColumbiaHouse is one of the premier e-commerce brands and consistently ranks among the Web's top 25 shopping destinations. Since its inception in 1955, Columbia House Company has a proven record of excellence in database marketing, market segmentation, credit screening and niche market merchandising.

From Rock to Rap and Classical to Country, Columbia House Music Club has been delivering hits directly to member's doorsteps for nearly fifty years. Members can also enjoy the best of Christian music from our Power And Glory club, while Club Musica Latina offers the most complete selection of Latin music available anywhere. And members can now buy some of the hottest new CDs the same day they are offered in retail stores.

Launching in 1997, Columbia House's fastest growing club has already welcomed over two million members. From today's biggest blockbusters to must-have classics, we offer the very latest releases the same day they're available in stores. Whether you shop with our magazines or online, we offer in-depth info on sound specs and extras making it even easier to find the DVD features you crave, with over 1500 DVDs in stock to buy. And the Columbia House DVD Club continues to expand the benefits of membership, with exciting programs like FunCash, which allows members to earn rewards with every purchase and 5 DVDs for as low as 49c each.

The Columbia House Music and DVD Club was first launched in 1955. Columbia House has grown to become the largest direct marketer of music, DVDs and videos. Throughout the company's rich history, an enthusiastic embrace of emerging technology has become an enduring corporate trademark. From CDs to videos and DVDs, ColumbiaHouse has created a club that has consistently met the public's demand for the latest advancement in entertainment products.

As of August 2004, a 50-50 merger between the music groups of BMG and Sony has been completed, reducing the Big Five of music companies to the Big Four. Sony BMG and Universal control over 60% of the global music market. BMG has just bought Columbia House from Sony, a DVD and music CD club. This move represents the coming together of two great brands with complementary operational structures and business models. BMG Direct is the largest direct to consumer retailer of recorded music in the U.S. while Columbia House .com is the largest specialized retailer of DVDs. The combined expertise of these two leading direct marketing companies will create broader product offerings for their members and a larger customer base for both brands.

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