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BMG Music *

*This is an informational page only used for reference and we are not BMG Music or associated with them

BMG Music Service has been bringing people and music together for over 50 years. Launched in the mid-1950s, the Club was part of the RCA family of music until it was acquired by Bertelsmann in 1987. The company is the largest direct-to-customer distributor of music in the world and has millions of members across its various genre-based music clubs. BMG Music Service has delivered music directly to the homes of customers for over half a century. From the early days of vinyl to today's CD format, BMG Music Service has helped members find music they want and discover new music -- all at great prices and with great convenience.

BMGMusic Club offers a wide variety of listening choices including pop, rock, R&B, adult alternative, easy listening, jazz, blues, classical, Latin, hip-hop, country, Christian and many more. Members can choose from thousands of titles -- produced by major music companies as well as hundreds of independent labels -- through BMG Music Service's member magazines or by visiting our website.

For decades, our deep passion for music and our commitment to service have made BMGMusicService the first choice among serious music collectors and casual music lovers alike. The company is proud to continue introducing its members to a world of great artists and great music at affordable prices.

BMG Music Service .com is owned by Bertelsmann, which is a transnational media corporation founded in 1835, based in Gütersloh, Germany. Corporate divisions are the European broadcaster RTL Group, the Gruner und Jahr (G+J) magazine publisher (biggest in Europe and second biggest world wide), the Bertelsmann Music Group BMG and book publishers Random House (popular literature), as well as further subdivisions and trade marks.

As of August 2004, a 50-50 merger between the music groups of BMG and Sony has been completed, reducing the Big Five of music companies to the Big Four. Sony BMG and Universal control over 60% of the global music market. BMG has just bought Columbia House from Sony, a DVD and music CD club. This move represents the coming together of two great brands with complementary operational structures and business models. BMG Direct is the largest direct to consumer retailer of recorded music in the U.S. while Columbia House is the largest specialized retailer of DVDs. The combined expertise of these two leading direct marketing companies will create broader product offerings for their members and a larger customer base for both brands.

Based in New York City, BMG Music Service and online music retailer CDNow form BMG Direct which is a unit of DirectGroup Bertelsmann. BMG Music Service is one of the world's largest direct-to-customer retailers of music. In addition to the BMG Music Service brand, the company operates four different specialty clubs -- the BMG Classical Music Club, the BMG Jazz Club, Sound & Spirit (Christian and Gospel music), and Ritmo y Pasion (Latin music) -- and offers a wide variety of listening choices including pop, rock, R&B, adult alternative, easy listening, jazz, blues, classical, Latin, hip-hop, country, Christian and many more. Customers are offered a selection of over 14,000 titles provided by the four major music groups and over 100 independent record labels and can shop for music directly from catalogues or online.

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